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Country Language Link Summary

English / Australian

A collection of Australian Tour de France cycling history 

English / German

A collection by Michael Embacher of modern special bicycles 


The Austrian collector Wolfgang Höfler's bicycle collection 

 Dutch / English / French

Bicycle museum of Roeselare 

Czech / English

History of bicyles, museum reviews, bicycles for sale, a lot of galleries and articles

Czech / English

Renovation and replication of vintage bicycles

Czech / English

Narodni Technical Museum in Praque 


Official homepage for Joseph Zimovcák's "Kids on Bike" project


The history of the Danish semi-recumbents from 1935 to circa 1945, with galleries

   Danish / English The history of the Danish bicycle Victrix made of spring steel

Estonian / English An Estonian bicycle museum
French A collectors homepage with his private collection and galleries, etc.
French The Museum off Industry and Art in Saint-Etienne

A bicycle museum by Michel Grezaud. More than 200 bicycles in 600 m2 on 3 floors

 French / English A French museum with motorcycles and bicycles 
German German bicycle museum in Bad Brückenau
German Homepage of a collector of bicycle lamps
German The history of the Mochet velocar, velo velocar and velorizontal and other recumbents
Czech / English / French / German A collectors homepage with his private collection and galleries, etc.
Norwegian A collectors homepage with his private collection and galleries, etc.
English The history of the bicycle with galleries and detailed information of the different models
English A page dedicated to Classic English lightweighs
 English Coventry Transport Museum 
English An e-book about bicycling history. Roads were not built for cars
English National Cycle Collection, a Brittish Bicycle Museum
English Andrew Ritchie's Bicycle Blog
English Tony Hadland's Bicycle Blog
Russia A collectores homepage with many old pictures and history of russian bicycles 
Swedish Galleries and information of European racer bicycles 
Swedish A collectores homepage of Swedish and American bicycles and accesories
Swedish / Danish The Memorial rides to honour Supergrandpa; a Swedish legend [1885 - 1987]
German The history of the German bicycle J-Rad; a semi-recumbent ridden by wires
German A Swiss museum in Rehetobel 

Here you can buy new rubber for your pedals 


A collector’s private museum and some highlights from his cycling career on the high bicycle, including a diary from his Ride Across America

 English  A homepage dedicated to Lightweight Vintage Bicycles, circa 1900~1983

United State Bicycling Hall of Fame


The bicycle Museum of Larry Metz in New jersey 


A collector's homepage of some of the highlights from his collection and various museum installations when he toured his collection


The homepage of the International Cycling History Conference